Friday, July 29, 2011

Mikkel's Rockstar Birthday!

Just wanted to share some of my closest friends Birthday celebration. =D
Anyway, the theme of his party is rockstar! 
The birthday cake!
The birthday boy loving his tarpauline. LOL!
Happy Birthdayyy!!!

Best drink everrrrrrr... Hahaha!
Drink, drink, drinkkkk
Took rounds of tequila shots!

Issa chugging a red horse with the guys!! This scream guts!! Haha!
Aren't they sweet???
Ganda mo Robert!! 

Looking so happy. With Gi, Meg, Ate Tanya and Issa
Ang sayaaaa lang! =D

Oh, No! Paparazzi! And it's Bruno Mars! LOL!

The Biker chick, The K-pop rockstar, and the Hippe rockstar/manghuhula. Hahaha!

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