Saturday, July 30, 2011

SOFABabulous Grad Show

So, some of my fellow schoolmates/classmates had their graduation fashion show. I am jealous! I want to graduate already! Haha! Anyway, this was held at The Loft @ Manansala. 
Also, part of the grad show was the announcement of Blackberry's design competition. 
Everyone was looking exceptionally chic! I wanted to take their pictures, but I forgot to charge my battery. And i'm already saving it up for the fashion show. Sayang. Probably next time. =D
Here is Michaela modeling Blackberry's newest phone. 
Here are the winners! Danika and Cham-cham. =D
Some Alumni and current students of SOFA also showed some of their designs.
This is actually Pristine's design for the triumph competition to be held at Germany! Amazing, right? =D
Love the flow of this gown. Anyone would look sexy wearing this. =D

His designs are very edgy. 



With just one look, you can really see the inspiration behind the collection which is "Avian."
I love the bold colors and faux fur details!

I love the color if this gown. I think anyone who would wear this would easily brighten up. 

This gown is divine! 
The designer Nicee Atienza

You can really see that the designer loves glamour and elegance.
The designer Vince Tolentino. 

With Char and Khrisy
Char, Dondi and Khrisy
Aren't Madz shoes amazing? 
Thea, Raki, Khrisy and Char
Marita! I love her Gold Dot shoes! 
My outfit for the grad show. The theme was cocktail chic.
Graxie blazer, thrifted dress, Forever21 necklace, H&M boots and Chanel bag

Rain or Shine

Topshop blazer, Topman hat, Holic bracelets
Urban Outfitters wedges, Topshop bag, Topshop tights and Peacock necklace from Love Japan Bazaar
I actually wore this to school, I think 2 weeks ago. But I didn't get the chance to take a photo. So, I wore it again (LOL). It was raining that's why I have an umbrella and thus the title for this blog post. =D