Friday, July 29, 2011

Love Japan Bazaar - A Fundraising Bazaar

My brother and I were already planning our Japan trip for May last month. But, unfortunately the earthquake occurred.  So, when I saw this bazaar in Facebook, I immediately wanted to go. And the good thing about this event, is that it involves one my favorite things to do:SHOPPING! Yeah, it may seem vain (LOL) but I'm happy that I still get to help. =D

 These notebooks are eco-friendly! I actually bought one. They are really nice! They come in so many different colors. You can design your own or buy the one's made already made. I made one for myself, I'm planning to make it into my own photo journal. =D
To check out their notebooks just go to
Japanese music was played inside the tent. 

I bought 4 bracelets! Only different colors! 
These accessories are from Holic. I love their accessories!
You can visit
The cosplay girls! They are too cute! Don't you think? =D

Awesome deal! Bought 3 items (eyeliner, lip liner and eye shadow) at Paul and Joe for only P1500. 

LOL! These are actually rings. 
More accessories from the Bazaar
All items are from Piroutte.
One the skirts I bought at Piroutte! Isn't it cute? =D
Go to
They really have cute clothes!
Saw these old coins at the bazaar. I forgot we paid with these before. LOL!

Fake cherry blossoms. Just imagine how beautiful the real one's would really be!
The contestants with Ms. Tessa Prieto (Can you spot her?) =D
They really put a lot of effort with their costumes. 
Aoui with Iron Man =D
Cool, eh?
Rhea with Mr. Iron Man

Well, we ended our day with Sango. Might as well go all the way right? =D
Anyway, can't wait to actually to actually see Japan! Hopefully I can visit this year. =D
We actually went to the parking lot in front of our condo, just to take these shots. Haha!
So, Thanks to my brother for being patient with me. LOL! 
This is what I wore to the Love Japan Bazaar.
Zara polo (from my brother), Topshop dress, Forever21 wedges, Folded and Hung shades

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